Client Story : The Harrison Family

18th December 2018

Our second client story is from the Harrison family. Long-time regulars to Menorca, they’ve stayed in a variety of villas over the years but for the last 3, they’ve stayed at VN15. A beautiful farmhouse that is hidden away on the outskirts of Sant Lluis. We got in touch with them to hear all about their most recent trip to the island and to find out why they return to Menorca year after year.

1. Why do you return to Menorca every year?

"Every Christmas the whole family get together and chat about our plans for the next family holiday and every year we come to the same easy conclusion, Menorca. When the MPO office opens in the first week of January I would give Paul, and now his son Peter, a call to book the villa of our choice. For us, I think it’s the low key, unassuming atmosphere that draws us to Menorca and it’s almost as if it slips under the radar of the masses who travel to Majorca.” 

Client Story 6

2. What is your favourite thing about Menorca?

"We’ve been travelling to Menorca for nearly 20 years and one of our favourite things about the island is the friendliness of the locals! No matter where you go you are made to feel welcome. Whether it’s a waiter who will look after your crying baby so you can enjoy your food or, in our case, a waiter who 15 years later still ruffles our now 6ft tall sons’ hair and pinches his cheeks as he walks past. 

It’s also the feeling of security, we have no issues letting our kids head off to the local town on their own to buy ice cream or walk down to the beach for a swim. It’s the perfect destination for the family holiday, regardless of the kid's ages.” 

3.Two things you loved about the villa you stayed in:

"We’ve stayed in a number of MPO villas, but for the last few years, we’ve stayed in VN15. It was renovated in the winter months between our first and second visit and wow, what a difference! The 3rd year came with a bit of a price increase but this was because of the work they had done so we had no qualms paying it. 
VN15 2

The best 2 things would be the walled garden which offers complete privacy and it feels like your own private paradise and secondly the pool area, it's below the house and in clear view from both terraces, the kids can swim all day and you can always keep a close eye on them. The donkeys 100 meters down the lane in the field are also good entertainment for the little ones."
VN15 3

Client Story 2

4. Your favourite restaurant on the island? 

"That’s a tough one as there are so many to choose from! It depends on the occasion but if I had to give you the top 3 it would be:

Is (and has been) the place we always go to on our first night. It’s by no means a 5-star restaurant but it's become a tradition since we stumbled upon it some 15 years ago. You can't go wrong with their meatballs and chips!
La Rueda

The owners are so accommodating. One of the girls who came with us on holiday this year is vegan and with a few days notice, they prepared a vegan 8-course tasting menu. Talk about service! 
Client Story 4

3. Taberna Del Corso in Cala Torret:

A hidden gem for those in the know. Hidden amongst the tourist traps with photos of food on the menus and strip lighting overhead sits one of the best restaurants on the island. Run by David, who takes the time to personally speak to you and tell you what was caught that day. Look for the pirate flags."

Client Story 5

5. Your favourite beach on the island?

"When the kids were little it was Binibeca or Punta Prima as both are ideal for young children with their sandy beaches and shallow waters. Although in the last 5 years or so we find we spend much more time around the pool and take trips to the cliffs in Binissafulla or Biniparratx - the brave lads love to jump off the big cliffs here!"
Client Story 3

6. Your 'must do' for every holiday 

"Rent a boat; the sea in Menorca is second to none and a boat gives you private access to some of  the   best calas (coves) on the island. The water is so clear and if you pick a day with no wind the water is flat and calm. The first few years we rented a boat with a skipper, but I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve now got my licence. Lunch on the boat, beers in the sun and then a sunset sail home is what it’s all about."  
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If you are looking to get away with the whole family and have a holiday to Menorca like the Harrison's, get in touch here and we'll be more than happy to help you organise it! 

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