Alternative Routes to Menorca

If you are struggling to find direct flights to Menorca from the UK, there are several alternative routes that many of our owners take advantage of when flying to Menorca.

Via Madrid

Flying to Menorca via Madrid is very easy, with up to 5 return flights per day between the mainland and the island, which means you’ll only have a short wait before continuing on. There are 3 airlines who offer flights including Iberia Express, Vueling and Ryan Air. The airport itself has a wide selection of shops and restaurants whilst waiting for your next flight.

For more information on the airport follow this link.

Via Barcelona

With up to 9 flights per day from Barcelona to Menorca, it’s very easy to connect 2 flights together with minimal effect on your overall journey time, however, you may want to leave yourself a bit of time as one of the advantages of traveling via Barcelona is the shopping and the restaurants in the airport. Wander around the terminal and shop ‘till you drop and once all that shopping has made you hungry, get some delicious food from the selection of restaurants. The main airlines that travel via Barcelona are: Ryanair, Vueling and Iberia

For more information on the airport follow this link.

Via Mallorca

You have the choice to travel from Palma to Menorca either by plane or ferry. The plane journey from Palma are regular, up to 12 a day, and are roughly 35 minutes long. The two airlines who fly directly to Menorca are Iberia and Air Europa.

For more information on the airport follow this link.

The ferry crossings from Menorca are easy to catch and are ideal for anyone wanting to experience something a little different. Approximately 5 hrs and 30 minutes you can admire the beautiful costliness of these volcanic islands and watch Menorca appear from the haze as you make the short crossing across the med.

For more information on the ferries follow this link.

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