Flying to Menorca this Summer - What it's like to fly

7th July 2020

In light of the current circumstances with Covid-19, we can agree that it has been a difficult and strange time for us all. At MPO, we understand that the thought of travel and going through an airport may be daunting for some so we wanted to share our Directors experience of their recent journey to Menorca on the 3rd of July to help reassure those feeling nervous or might just have some questions.

"Getting to Menorca was much easier than we initially thought. We flew out from East Midlands airport with Ryanair (who were, I must say, excellent! Now there’s a first). The airport was quiet; there were only 4 flights departing whilst we were there, and they were all Ryanair flights. As soon as we entered the terminal at East midlands, we had to put our face masks on and were not allowed to remove them until we were outside the terminal of Mahon Airport. This wasn’t really a problem for us nor did we find it uncomfortable. Please note that there were no masks available at the airport so ensure you bring some with you.

 IMG 0090

East Midlands was set up well to reduce queuing; they set up stations (refer to photo below) before going into Security Check to ensure your belongings are ready to be inspected. Here they even provided clear plastic bags for liquids and a rubbish bin for any liquids over 100ml.

IMG 0091

 Once through security, which is the same as usual, there was only one bar open and all shops, duty free and other restaurants were closed. This of course may change over the summer or as restrictions ease further in the UK. The seating areas were all labelled accordingly in line with social distancing rules.

IMG 0092  IMG 0093

IMG 0094 

Apart from the minor changes, everything else was the same and we queued as normal to board the flight. The one thing that we found amusing was that you still must show your passport photograph but can’t take off your mask when doing so.

On the flight, the flight crew were welcoming, efficient and helpful, outlining how thing had changed. The toilets were open for use but you had to ask to use them. During the flight only cold drinks and snacks were being served and hots drinks or meals were not available.

Upon arrival in Menorca, posts are in place to direct you exactly where you need to go; there is a lot of zigzagging to get to passport control and then on to collect your luggage (see photo for reference). For us the queuing was non-existent, however, it may become busier and take a little longer as flights increase.

IMG 0098

At the end of the zig-zag queue there are medical personnel, one to collect the health form (health declaration) that you must hand in, which is one per family, and one scanning your body temperature, then you are free to go. The whole thing took us less than 5 mins. (Please refer to photo for reference). Once you leave the terminal building, you can remove your mask.

IMG 0099 

The medical form (health declaration form) is sent to you by your airline prior to your flight. We think it’s important to have these printed and completed in the UK to reduce the queuing time at the airport. They have spare forms available if you have forgotten it but due to health and safety there is no designated area to fill these forms in. MPO is also able to provide this form should you need it.

Here in Menorca you are required to wear mask in the shops, supermarkets, Banks etc. In restaurants all the staff wear masks and if you sit inside it is asked of you to wear your mask until you’re seated. Restaurants and shops are all open but with social distancing in place and one really good thing here is there is no queuing required to enter the supermarket.

Overall the experience at the airports and in the flight was stress-free. Yes, things are slightly different to what they were before but now that we are here, it’s so wonderful to be back. Fundamentally it is still the Menorca we know and love and we can’t wait to welcome you back very soon to the beautiful island we’ve all missed.”

If you’re thinking of travelling to Menorca this summer, get in touch via our enquiry form and a member of our knowledgeable sales team will be more than happy to help you find your perfect villa.


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