Interview with Isabella Beach Club

19th June 2020

During our time in lockdown we’ve got in touch with a few of our favourite restaurants on the island because simply, we miss them! We thought it would be a good opportunity to get to know the masterminds behind the amazing restaurants we love to visit whilst on our holidays. When travel to the beautiful island becomes possible again, we must show our support for the local businesses and enjoy a meal or two in these fantastic restaurants.

This week we got in touch with the owners of Isabella Beach Club in the beautiful town of Fornells along the north coast of the island. This restaurant beach club is the perfect spot to wind down after a long summer’s day and enjoy a delicious cocktail and meal with some of the best sea views the island has to offer. Our team at Menorca Private Owners is a sucker for a meal with a good view (who isn’t?) And we get a lot of our clients asking for recommendations for just that so we’ve been on the look out for the best spots around the island and Isabella Beach Club is one of them. 




Isabella Beach Club offers visitors a fantastic setting for a relaxing evening with friends and family. With ample seating inside and outside, including comfortable sunbeds and seating on the rooftop, which all have a good view of the sea and beyond.

What inspired you to open Isabella?

We live in Madrid but have been visiting Menorca for years and have fallen in love with the island. Menorca is absolutely beautiful; the amazing beaches, untouched nature, the local food, the kind and welcoming locals, the list is endless but one of the best things about Menorca is the sunsets. If you’ve been to Menorca you’ll know the sunsets are unforgettable. We wanted to create a space where people could go to watch the beautiful sunsets with a delicious cocktail, tasty food and good music. Isabella Beach Club has also given us a reason to spend more time in Menorca and now we spend half the year in Menorca and the other half in Madrid, which is just perfect for us. 




How do you want your customers to feel when they visit Isabella?

We want visitors to feel relaxed, happy and at peace. For us, there’s nothing more enjoyable than being with good company, eating delicious food and drinking lovely cocktails in a great setting. It’s the simple things but we want our visitors to make happy memories here in Isabella Beach Club that they’ll keep with them for a long time.


What kinds of food do you serve, and what’s the influence?

The food is a fusion of Asian, Spanish and Mediterranean cuisines, and all the produce we use is locally sourced, which is very important for us. We believe it’s important to support the local businesses and everything that is produced in Menorca is top quality. We serve a lot of seafood, fish and grilled meat dishes, and this is all caught and sourced locally.

tataki de atun balfego

What is your most popular dish?

It’s hard to say really, there are many popular dishes. I think our specialties are sushi and grilled meats. Many visitors also come and just have a few nibbles with their cocktails. The popular dishes include the delicious local Menorcan cheese and the cold meats. 

What is your most popular cocktail?

Again, it’s hard to just say one but I think our most popular one is the Piña Colada. All the cocktails are freshly made, and all the cocktails with fruits are fresh, so if you’re having our popular Piña Colada it’s all made from scratch with fresh ingredients and no artificial flavours or substitutes.  

isabella beach club

What type of events do you hold at Isabella Beach Club?

Good music is important to us and it’s all part of the experience when visiting Isabella Beach Club so everyday there is different type of music and we have a DJ 3 nights per week. We also hire the whole place out for special occasions like birthday parties, weddings and wedding receptions. 


Why did you choose the location?

We wanted the perfect place to watch the sunset and this location offers just that. We are located right on the waters edge with panoramic sea views that are simply jaw dropping no matter what time of the day.


What is your message to the visitors?

We understand it’s been a very difficult time for everyone, including ourselves, but despite this, things will return to normal and very soon we will be able to be in Menorca again enjoying the beautiful island. Isabella Beach Club will open its doors to visitors on the 1st of July and we can’t wait to welcome everyone again. We are working very hard to make sure everything is perfect for the opening and we are taking our visitors health and safety very seriously.

Isabella Beach Club will be the perfect place to come and be able to finally relax after 3 months in lockdown.

The owners of Isabella Beach Club have also opened another restaurant beach club 3 years ago called Ivette in Cala Morrell, which is also very worth a visit!

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If you wish to visit Isabella Beach Club and the beautiful island of Menorca when travel becomes possible again, send us an enquiry using our Enquiry From and a member of our knowledgeable team will be in touch. You can soon be enjoying the beautiful sunsets Menorca has to offer!

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