MPO as an eco-friendly travel company

31st May 2023

It's time for us all to focus on minimizing our environmental impact on the world, and as an eco-travel company, MPO is continuously evaluating our green choices to support not only the island of Menorca’s own eco and sustainability ethos, but the whole planet too.

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Making Green Choices for Travel

How to be a more responsible traveller can be confusing, so to aid conscientious travellers in making sustainable travel choices, we work with our clients to share information and advice about Menorca’s sustainability efforts and rules through our platforms and digital marketing materials and how visitors themselves can be eco-aware while staying on the island.

As a sustainable travel company, we work with villa owners to make better, greener choices – from eliminating single use plastics such as miniature shampoos and shower gels to using energy-efficient appliances. We also encourage our holidaymakers to make green choices – from the most economical way of using air conditioning and the recycling of materials to encouraging the purchase of only locally-sourced food and products during their stay. We encourage them to support businesses on the island who have received the Biosphere Reserve Seal, a special recognition for their positive impact on the island for their efforts to support sustainability.

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Making Green Choices as a Travel Company



Always striving to be an eco-business, MPO also limits the amount of printed booking information we share with our clients by providing an online portal where they view documents digitally. We have an employee in permanent residence on the island to reduce the amount of air travel to Menorca other members of the team carry out. Our team also work from home, reducing the carbon-footprint of commuting to an office. MPO as an eco-conscious company will continue to find new ways to support Menorca and the planet.


*Air Conditioning - MPOs sustainable initiative

Setting the AC to 23 uses 20% less energy. A study by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) found that changing the thermostat from 17 to 23 will use 20% less energy, 30% if you switch to 27.


Reasons to book a trip to Menorca with us

Menorca has some of the best beaches in Europe, even the world.

Menorca is only small, meaning you can easily explore the whole island during your stay.

Menorca is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and we support eco-tourism to protect its beauty.

We carefully hand-pick all villas ensuring the highest quality and amenities.


Menorca Villa Inspiration

If we've tempted you to choose Menorca as your holiday destination, why not browse our incredible range of Menorca villas. From properties situated right on the coast to those nestled in Menorca's idyllic countryside, we have beautiful, hand-picked villas to suit every taste and group size. Search by island destination or desired villa type to plan your perfect Menorca holiday.

How to book a Menorca villa with us

Booking a villa with us has never been easier and there are multiple ways you can get in touch with us. We pride ourselves on taking the stress out of your villa holiday from start to finish, read more about how we do just that with our personalised service. Our team of Menorca experts are more than happy to help you find your perfect villa so get in touch via the ‘enquire now’ button or call us on +44 (0) 1335 330169.


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