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20th December 2021

Booking the family holiday should be an enjoyable experience from start to finish – so why is it so often the case that booking your summer holiday can be so stressful? There are some important decisions to make, who to book with, is it suitable for children, is it suitable for grandparents, where do we get a car, where’s the closet shop, the list is endless.

Leave it to us

There’s always one lucky person who’s appointed to oversee organizing this trip, that comes with a lot of responsibility, ensuring all the requirements are met and it’ll be a holiday everyone will love. This is where we come in, our knowledgeable sales team are on hand to help – we know all our villas first-hand, we’ve stood in the kitchen, walked the stairs, and enjoyed the views… just tell us what you’re looking for, what’s important to you, the boxes that need ticking and we’ll do the rest. 

We’ve got a range of villas to meet every budget in a variety of locations. From houses with Jacuzzis, to villas with a table tennis table, walking distance to the beach or out in the sticks. Each of our properties are unique – we don’t look for cold and lifeless investments, we look for peoples hard earned and much-loved second homes so you can rest assured, that the rest of the family will be happy with your choice.
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A stress-free holiday from start to finish

But it doesn’t stop there… once you’ve booked, we are here to help make your holiday to the island even more memorable. We can arrange pretty much anything from car hire to days out on a boat and we do all that with you in mind too. Take car hire for instance; a normal car hire process can be so tedious and you’re always wary you’re paying too much. When you arrive, the car is never where they say it is and you usually spend the first few hours of your holiday on a bus driving in circles around an industrial estate and standing in ques before you finally get in your car and start your holiday. 
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When you book your car hire through us however, we can assure you your holiday will start stress-free. You’re met in arrivals by a friendly person who enjoys their job, the car is waiting in the short stay car park, just by the exit, ready to drive away in minutes. Then on the way back, you can maximise the last day of your holiday because the best bit about our car hire is the return policy - just park up, drop the key and stroll into the airport. EASY! 

Our service doesn’t stop when you get to your villa either, each of our properties are managed by quality and approachable professionals, ensuring your villa is cleaned and prepared to the highest standard. During your holiday you also have our very own Menorcan born island representative who is there to help you with any questions you might have and offer personal recommendations on where to go, eat and drink. Our friendly team in the UK are also on hand to answer any questions you might have and on that very rare occasion, resolve any issues that might arise.

So if you’re looking for a stress-free holiday from start to finish and want to ensure you’re booking your holiday to Menorca with the best, get in touch and one of our team will get back to you asap! 

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