Our trip to Menorca

13th April 2022

Our flights to Menorca were booked and the excitement kicked in. After 2 years of the team not visiting the island due to Covid, we were finally able to see the island and the villas that we’ve since added to our portfolio.

Preparation to travel to the island was much easier than I thought it would be, I only needed to fill in the Health Declaration form for Spain, which was very straightforward, and ensure my Covid pass, which showed my vaccinations, was valid for the time of travel and this was available to get from the NHS app. 
I flew from Birmingham airport and had a stopover at Barcelona as flights to the island are still limited at this time of the year, however my stop over at Barcelona was only 40 minutes long so by the time I got off the plane I was making my way to the next gate to board my flight to Menorca. It wasn’t a requirement to wear a mask in Birmingham airport but as soon as I boarded my first flight, it was a requirement to wear a mask. 

I landed in Menorca on Monday evening and met with Jane and Marta at the airport, who were already on the island. We made our way over to Mahon harbour and had a little walk around the promenade. It was lovely to have a wander and look out at the stunning views.
mahon 1
We decided to have a G&T in one bar had a lovely atmosphere. It was almost surreal to be on the port with a Xoriguer and tonic whilst looking out at the views, but it really did feel good to be back! We made our way over to Mestre d’aixa just a few doors down for some tapas and it reminded us of how amazing the food is in Menorca. 

The next couple of days were busy (it wouldn’t be a normal work trip if it wasn’t), we pretty much drove to all 4 corners of the island. We visited a great selection of villas, some villas we already had on our portfolio that Marta and I haven’t personally visited and some yet to be added on. Seeing many villas meant we got to see a lot of the island too which was great as we got to see what had changed over the last
couple of years.

Despite Covid being difficult for the island, it was lovely to see all of the restaurants and bars we previously enjoyed still open. We also noticed new restaurants and shops in villages like Sant Lluis that popped up since which was certainly reassuring. 

One town we visited, which was a first for Marta and I was Ciutadella. The town surprised us both; the architecture and design of the buildings are quite different from those found in Mahon and it almost felt like we were on a different island. ‘The two main cities of Menorca are both fantastic; the palaces in Ciutadella tell a story on their own and you can get lost wandering the narrow streets all around the city’ – Marta. 
It wouldn’t also be fair to visit the island and not sample the delicious food and drink the island has to offer. We visited a selection of restaurants during our trip, some new and some old favourites that never disappoint. We had some incredible dishes including my personal favourite, berenjenas (aubergine) and locally caught seafood like octopus, cod and cuttlefish.
Restaurants we visited: 

-Mestre d’aixa - Mahon Port
-Ses Voltes - Ciutadella
-El Grill - Mahon
-La Vuelta - Sant Lluis 
Our trip to menorca
It was great to finally be able to return to the island and it was refreshing to see that not much has changed since we last visited, which really goes to show the island’s efforts to preserve itself and refrain from overdevelopments. We are already looking forward to our next trip to the island and certainly hope it’s not as long of a wait as it was last time. 
Although we didn’t get amazing weather, the island proved that good weather isn’t needed to be beautiful. 

We will be writing more about our trip to the island and where we visited and ate so be sure to keep your eye out on our blog page. If you’d like to jet off to Menorca this summer, send us an enquiry via our enquiry form and a member of our team will get in touch.

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