The Red Arrows treat Menorca to another flying visit!

8th October 2014

This year, Menorca has been privileged to welcome back the Red Arrows’ to help commemorate the tercentenary of the arrival of Brigadier General Richard Kane as the first British Lieutenant Governor of Menorca in 1712. Our team were part of the thousands lucky enough to witness the fly over in September this year.

For around 20 minutes, thousands of spectators were held spellbound, gazing upwards in admiration at the skills of these highly trained RAF pilots at the peak of flying precision excellence. At just two metres apart, this year’s seven aircraft formation led by Red 1 Jim Turner started with synchronised aerobatics, their trails of Red White and Blue vapour creating loops and shapes, including the famous heart. Then followed the more dynamic second half with the ‘Synchro Pair’ performing the traditional opposition manoeuvres for which they are renowned. There were gasps of amazement when the two aircraft crossed each other over the Isla del Rey almost appearing to touch, although in reality some 35 metres apart and reaching speeds of 660kph. With a complete view of the airspace, once again the roof of the Hotel Agamemnon in Es Castell acted as the control tower, from where ‘Red 10’ Mike Ling orchestrated and monitored the performance of the seven pilots.


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