Tips for a Pleasant Flight

3rd December 2018

Would you like to visit the beautiful island of Menorca? Although the island is easily accessible by ferry, in most cases it’s faster and easier to travel by plane. From the UK direct flights from several cities are offered. In just over two hours flight time you can reach the island in the Mediterranean so quickly and comfortably. Efficient yet relaxed travel: To make your flight to Menorca as comfortable as possible, we have put together a few tips for your upcoming trip.


With the right preparations before your flight, you can make your trip a lot more relaxed. Firstly, what to pack. Do a bit of research and find out what the weather in Menorca during your travels will be like so you know what clothes to take with you. It’s also best to create a packing list early so packing is fast and uncomplicated a few days before departure and it is guaranteed that nothing will be forgotten. Also, check with your airline which regulations apply to the dimensions and weight of your luggage, this ensures you are not surprised with extra costs at the airport. Furthermore, most airlines now offer online check-in, find out if this is something you can do as you can save time at the airport and travel more comfortably.

Getting There

Get there early to give time for any unexpected delays, after all, who wants to be rushed on the start of their holiday? If you are leaving your car at the airport carpark, avoid stress or overpriced fees and check parking facilities and fares in advance. It is also worth comparing prices on platforms and reserving a cheap parking space in advance. On the day of departure, you can then relax knowing everything is all sorted. If you book a valet service, you can even drive directly to the terminal and hand over your car to a driver who parks for you - that's even more convenient and saves time!

Security Check

At the airport, you have to pass through security check before you reach your departure gate. Be sure to prepare for on-board hand luggage requirements so you do not have to leave items at the controls. The exact details of what is allowed on the plane can be found on the airline or the airport website. Keep in mind that a restriction on liquids (including lotions, deodorants, perfumes, etc.) applies. These may be carried, but only a maximum of 100ml and in a transparent, resealable bag. Sprays or pocket knives should be put away in your checked baggage.

On the Plane

If you have booked a direct flight to Menorca, you are lucky, because your flight duration is less than two and a half hours when you fly from the UK. In order to avoid boredom in this relatively short time, you can sweeten the flight with the appropriate entertainment - for example, music or a good book. You will see that your flight will pass in no time. Chewing gum may be helpful to relieve any pressure difference during take-off and landing - so put a pack in your hand luggage!

We hope you have a pleasant trip and arrive relaxed in Menorca!
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Guest post was written by Fluparks 
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