Why did we choose Menorca?

30th November 2021

Why did we choose Menorca… the simple answer, because it’s Menorca! – the understated, family friendly, low-key younger sibling to the much busier island of Mallorca.

Menorca has changed a lot in the 32 years that I’ve been traveling to the island and even more so for my dad Paul, who’s been traveling there since the 50's. But even then, it was clear Menorca was a special place. We used to have a running joke in our family that every time we visited the island there would be another roundabout added between the airport and Sant Lluis. I didn’t really appreciate this as a boy, but what this represented was that the island was growing, more houses, a new hospital, a supermarket, hotels…


Menorca was on track to follow in the footsteps of Mallorca, but then, on the 7th of October 1993, UNESCO declared Menorca a biosphere reserve. Menorca is home to an extremely rich tradition of rural landscapes and a remarkable diversity of Mediterranean habitats where there are plant and animal species exclusive to the Island, some of which are in danger of extinction.


The result – no more building high rise hotels and no large property developments that engulf the landscape. Instead you find little fishing villages made up of lovely villas, old farmhouses with large gardens and houses that must stay below 3 floors. 



But don’t let these restrictions trick you into thinking the island hasn’t developed since 1993. The standard of villas on the island are only ever improving with, an ongoing, cycle of regular visitors to the island buying their own piece of paradise and renovating the interiors to new and exciting standards.


VN290 | Binisafuller

The part of the island that’s really upped its level in the last 10 years is the gastronomy. Nowadays one is spoilt for choice, whether you’re looking to host a wedding or just looking for a quick bite to eat, the number and quality of what’s on offer is always on the up. The two places I always try to visit are Bodegas Binifadet and Sa Vinya des Port. 

binifadet 1



We pride ourselves on being the Menorca experts, and I’m sure after reading this, you’ll understand why we chose to only focus on Menorca. With so much on offer without the crowds, why would you want to go anywhere else? If you haven’t already, we strongly recommend coming to see for yourself. 

 - Peter, Sales Director

If you'd like to speak to a member of our team about a villa holiday to Menorca. Please fill in one of our enquiry forms and someone will be in touch to help you! 

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