Why owners choose to rent with MPO and the reason you should too…

1st November 2021

Menorca Private Owners are the leading luxury villa rental company on the island – what does luxury mean? We want what our guests want, not investment properties with cheap sunbeds, and that, “it’s a rental so I won’t put anything nice in it” kind of house, but peoples second home, away from the beach resorts, with your own design and personal touches to the details. We’re looking for everything from quirky kitchen designs to family pictures on the walls.

We are a group of like-minded individuals who all own their own homes in Menorca. Many of our owners know each other and many have gone on to know the clients who book with us. Nearly 50% of our clients come back year on year, which in our industry, is a huge number. Many of our clients have even gone on to become owners. Some of our owners have even been with us since the very beginning, all be it their homes have been updated a little since then.


One of our key necessities as a business is we bring our sales team to the island every year - this is vital and ensures that our team know what they are selling and can find the perfect clients to stay in your house. We think the reason behind our high number of returning customers is because of our teams in-depth knowledge of the island and their ability to listen to our clients needs and match them with the perfect villa for their holiday.


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We have contacts with everyone you could need to talk to on the island, from managing agents to pool cleaners, accountants to solicitors, making owning a house in Menorca simple. If you are one of our clients looking to buy on the island, we can even introduce you to estate agents and advisors who can help you find the perfect house and purchase it in a tax efficient manner.

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We run a transparent pricing structure, offer you a flexible calendar to work around when you want to use your house. All we request is 3 weeks in the high season. So if you have a villa in Menorca that you’d like to rent out, then why not fill out our owner application form and one of our team members will be in touch.

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