Carbon Offsetting

Menorca Private Owners are proud to announce that they have partnered with with the aim of becoming the first carbon neutral travel company for the island of Menorca. Not only that, we are enabling each and every one of our clients to offset the impact of their flights to and from the island of Menorca.  are helping make the travel industry Carbon Neutral by supporting sustainable, VERRA recognised wind and solar projects in Africa and Reforestation projects in Belize. 

If you'd like to offset the emissions of your flight to and from Menorca simply ask us to add it to your booking. then calculate the carbon impact of your flight using their handy carbon calculator. You can then choose which of the projects you wish to support. 

The average return flight from Manchester to Menorca produces 0.88 tons of CO2, that's almost half the 2 ton qouta you should be targeting for your total annual emissions. That's heating your house, driving your car, buying food at the shops. You can cancel out the impact of your flight for as little as £9. 

The projects include:


 *calculations based on a one way flight from Manchester to Mahon. 

To offset your flights to Menorca please send us and email, or leave us a message via the chat window on the bottom right corner of your screen. Just leave your name and email address and we will do the rest. Together we can help make travel sustainable. 

 If you're interested in hearing more about Carbon Offsetting, if you want to offset another flight you may have taken, or even look at offsetting your daily commute by car, then head to

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