Menorca Events Diary

Menorca is famous for the fiesta celebrations which take place in the summer months and for the historic monuments called Taliots which date back to the earliest settlers on the island. The island avoided the frantic tourist developments of the 1960’s and 1970’s and remains one of the unspoilt destinations of the Mediterranean.


The Procession of the Three Kings

Celebrated throughout Spain, the three kings is the equivalent to Christmas eve for most children in Spain. Gifts are deposited at the town hall to be handed to children by the kings later in the evening. The town of Mahon holds the main celebration of the Three Kings, a family-oriented event popular with small children. Residents prepare street floats decorated with Christmas items and sweets are thrown to the waiting crowds below, as the floats parade through the town.

St Antony Day 17th January Cuitadella

A celebration to commemorate the liberation from Muslim rule, this parade takes place in Cuitadella and centres around the statute of San Antonio, which is carried through the streets. Street vendors set up local markets to sell their locally ground fruits

March – April

Alaior Carnival

This carnival is focussed around the figure of Bernat Figuerola, with fancy dress balls, a street parade of floats, singing competitions between local groups and street music.

Cuitadella Matances de Bujots

Celebrated on Easter Sunday, the Matanaces de Bujots literally translates as 'the killing of the rag dolls'. This is an opportunity for residents to poke fun at their local politicians and bring to attention situations of criticism.


Fiesta de la Verge de Toro . This festival honours the patron saint of Menorca and is celebrated in Es Mijorn close to Monte Toro.


Cuitadella . Celebrated throughout Menorca, the main event takes place in Cuitadella around 22nd-24th June. This event celebrates the feast of St Joan and marks the beginning of the summer festivals. The three days celebrate the Day of the Ram, Saint Joan's Eve and Saint Joan's Day itself. Offering fantastic displays of horse riding in the streets, including the famous JALEO where the riders rear the mounts on their hind legs, this is a very popular and crowded fiesta. On the final day there is a ceremony that takes place at the cathedral .


Mahon Fiesta Virgen de Carmen

This fiesta in the capital Mahon honours the patron saint of fishermen and sailors in order to bless them with another safe year on the sea. A figure of the Virgin is paraded through the streets of Mahon and finally arrives at the water's edge on the port.


Alaior Sant Lorenc Fiesta

Alaior in the centre of the island hosts this event with a selection of dances, concerts and horse riders in the streets, demonstrating the famous JALEO where the riders rear the mounts on their hind legs. Parades of costumes with oversized heads dance the famous "Capgrossos”.

Sant Lluis, Equine Fiesta

A fiesta to celebrate the town's patron saint, this is a very popular event which draws thousands of inhabitants and tourists onto the streets for the equine spectacle of the JALEO. The festival has plenty of events, like horse races, celebrations with a parade of giants, a display of market stalls and fireworks in the evening.


Mahon Fiesta Mare de Deu Gracia

This major fiesta is considered the highlight of the annual festival calendar. Taking place in the capital Mahon, there is a parade of black horses through the streets starting from around 10 am along with the famous JALEO concentrated around the Plaza Ayuntamiento in the town centre after lunch. The horse are ridden by professional riders and members of the crowd will try and touch the underside of the rearing horses to great cheer from the onlookers. A procession of colourful characters with large oversized heads makes its way to the town hall. Local vendors set up stalls in the streets with food and local drinks and there is dancing in the streets until the fireworks over the port at around 12.30.

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